WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance XB62 Features and Benefits

The WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance XB62 is IBM’s unique B2B appliance, delivering secure trading partner data integration tracking, routing and security functions in a network device, cutting operational costs and improving performance. The XB62 is a non-disruptive technology that allows organizations to extend their existing B2B implementations and internal integration infrastructure, thus delivering rapid return on investment and reduced total cost of ownership.

Governance and integration capabilities

  • Trading Partner Management for B2B Governance; B2B protocol policy enforcement, access control, message filtering, and data security
  • Application Integration with standalone B2B Gateway capabilities supporting B2B patterns for AS1, AS2, AS3, plain text email and Web Services
  • Drummond AS2 Interoperability Certification


Configuration and deployment

  • Full featured User Interface for B2B configuration and transaction viewing; correlate documents and acknowledgments displaying all associated events
  • Simplified deployment, configuration and management providing a quicker time to value by establishing rapid connectivity to trading partners
  • Web 2.0 interoperability, including JSON filtering and validation, support for REST verbs, and converting/bridging of REST and Web services

Full Hardware ESB capability


  • Acceleration of existing integration hubs
  • Mainframe modernization and Web services
  • Any-to-any transformation
  • Integrated message level security
  • Sophisticated multi-step message routing, filtering and processing
  • Multiple synchronous and asynchronous transport protocols
  • Configurable Quality of Service
  • Detailed logging and audit trail
  • Standards-based interfaces
  • Agile, highly flexible underlying scripting/configuration support
  • XML enablement and wirespeed application integration
  • Metadata-based integration


Industry standards

Simplify industry-specific implementation with industry pack support for standards such as retail (PCI, Sarbanes–Oxley), healthcare (HIPPA & HL7, X12), and supply chain management (EDIFACT).

Hardware Security Module

In highly sensitive applications, cryptographic keys require the enhanced protection of certified FIPS 140-2 Level 2 or Level 3 hardware security modules (HSMs). The WebSphere DataPower XB62 Appliance includes an HSM option. It augments the powerful authentication and SOA security capability of DataPower to further protect organizations’ data.


*Note that the HSM option replaces the base standard cryptographic accelerator otherwise present in all DataPower appliances. The HSM must be ordered and installed at the point manufacture and cannot installed later. The base standard cryptographic accelerator is not FIPS certified.