WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance Features and Benefits

Feature and benefits

WebSphere DataPower XC10 is a purpose-built, easy-to-use appliance designed for simplified deployment and hardened security at the caching tier of your enterprise application infrastructure. XC10 incorporates a large 240 GB cache into the DataPower line of appliances from IBM. It adds elastic caching functions that enable business critical applications to scale cost effectively with consistent performance. WebSphere DataPower XC10 is designed for rapid, “drop-in” use in a variety of application environments including WebSphere Application Server V6.1, V7.0 and V8.0 and other WebSphere family products where it can deliver a cost-effective, distributed caching solution in support of data-oriented distributed caching scenarios.

  • Support for non-java applications: The XC10Appliance expands the range of clients able to access simple data grids with the release of the REST Gateway feature. Non-Java™ based clients with HTTP capabilities, including PHP and .NET clients, can utilize the XC10 appliance for elastic caching via the REST Gateway.
  • Service Response Caching: XC10 Appliance can be integrated with the WebSphere DataPower XI50 / and WebSphere DataPower XI52 Appliances. Using the XC10 as a side cache for each, can significantly reduce the load on the back end systems by eliminating redundant requests and improving the response time while increasing total system throughput.
  • Enhanced Cache Capacity: XC10 Appliance provides a larger, 240GB cache. A combination of memory and state of the art solid state drives provides high speed access to your data.

The WebSphere DataPower XC10 V2.1 new features include:

  • Caching across multiple data centers: Collective linking capabilities to support unified caching across multiple data center locations. Enables clients to host data grids in multiple locations while keeping the data in sync with Multi Master Replication
  • More stack integration capabilities: Supports the latest versions of WebSphere Application Server including V8.0 and V8.5
  • Improved monitoring capabilities: Supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps for event notifications and a new capability to query data grid contents. Provides SNMP improved network monitoring of the appliance within the enterprise
  • Enhanced networking capabilities: Supports IPv6 and network interface card link aggregation
  • Ease of use: With the HTTP command interface, supports script operations such as configuring appliance settings and administering data grids, collectives, and zones. The log analyzer tool provides a consolidated view of troubleshooting messages and recommended corrective actions
  • Performance improvements: Improves performance with least recently used capacity-based eviction support if your grid is nearing capacity. Providing the ability to bond multiple network interfaces together for increased bandwidth
  • Spring 3.1 Cache provider support – Enables Spring cache to develop or maintain Java Spring applications. With Spring cache you can add the DataPower XC10 appliance cache to an existing application transparently with minimal impact on the application code.
  • Operational enhancements:
    • Support for WebSphere Portal dynamic content rendering by making the content available in a centralized location where it can be shared and made more easily available
    • HTTP Session Management support for WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile.
    • Command line interface (CLI) allows for remote administrative automation of the XC10 appliance.