WebSphere Features and Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Dynamically mediates interactions between services and applications Quickly onboard new services/applications or update existing ones without impacting other systems, regardless of communication protocol Improve flexibility by eliminating point-to-point integration and tightly-coupled systems
Dynamically routes and transforms data Enables smart interoperability of heterogeneous systems Choose best-of-breed application that best support your business, or save costs by reusing your existing systems
Comprehensive support for Microsoft .net environments, including support for many of the languages supported by the Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR) Enhanced connectivity and a new tightly integrated development tool with Microsoft Visual Studio. Users can easily invoke programs written in a wealth of languages including COM, JScript, Visual Basic, and C#. Take advantage of existing Microsoft .NET skills and assets and open up a wealth of possibilities for connecting .NET applications using the proven scalability and availability of WebSphere Message Broker.
Industry leading performance, scalability, security and reliability. Meet your Service Level Agreements with the industry’s best performance and reliability. Exploits all the capabilities of WebSphere MQ Minimize hardware costs when scaling to meet your business needs. Eliminate costly security breach exposures and insures compliance through message & transaction integrity
Easy to install Minutes to install tooling and runtime. No database required Simplified product reduces implementation time and costs associated with ongoing maintenance efforts
Easy to use Out-of-the box patterns for common transformations – or create your own Reduce implementation time of common flows to just minutes and eliminates errors due to inconsistencies
Enhanced auditing and diagnostic capabilities via browser-based tooling View, edit, record and replay data flowing through WMB from all sources for both troubleshooting and testing efforts Reduces troubleshooting efforts and frustration when resolving time sensitive failed flows
Open standard-based parser and graphical data mapper Build custom transforms with the DFDL-based parser for use in WMB or other applications. Use the WMB toolkit testing environment even if not deploying to a WMB instance Improve efficiency of developing assets by reusing them in other applications that support this standard.
Expanded managed file transfer support with new direct connectivity to IBM Sterling Connect:Direct Easily bridge between any file based networks and your messaging infrastructure. Quickly and securely convert batch records to or from WebSphere MQ messages. Gain end-to-end visibility of file and message traffic across the entire business network.
Reliable communication with web services reliable messaging (WS-RM) Assures delivery of SOAP messages without duplication or disruption to order of messages when connections or endpoints are temporarily unavailable Minimize business disrupting ripple effects caused by network outages