WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI52

The WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI52 is a purpose-built hardware platform for delivering rapid data transformations for cloud and mobile applications, secured and scalable business integration, and edge of network security gateway in a single drop-in appliance.

  • Provides XML acceleration, streamlining, and securing valuable service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications including support for standards such as OAuth.
  • Integration features, legacy enablement, and the capacity to improve web services management and governance.
  • Enables any-to-any data transformation between various data formats, including wire-speed XML transformation, text, binary, COBOL copybooks, industry standards, and custom formats.
  • Reduces integration costs with protocol mediation, protocol bridging, transport mediation, multistage pipeline processing, and content-based message routing.
  • Optimized bridging between wire-line messaging protocols, including MQ, WebSphere JMS, third-party JMS, FTP, and HTTP.
  • Provides more consumable and centralized service governance & SLA management by enhancing integration with WSRR and ITCAM for SOA.
  • Support for a broad array of standards and connectivity including direct-to-database connection access for DB2, Oracle, and Sybase, data validation, field-level security, web services management, and access control.
  • Higher TCO and enhanced performance with next-generation XML acceleration and 10 gigabit Ethernet, extended memory support for large messages, and optimized load distribution with the option for Application Optimization.
  • WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI52 Virtual Edition: This appliance is now available as a virtual edition to run in VMware hypervisor environments. Powered by a purpose-built platform including an embedded, optimized DataPower Operating System, the virtual edition appliance is designed to provide industry-leading workload functionality similar to the corresponding physical appliance.