WebSphere MQ

WebSphere MQ is your complete universal messaging backbone, enabling rapid, reliable, and secure transport of messages and data between applications, systems, and services.

WebSphere MQ accelerates the flow of messages across organizations without complexity, cutting costs and reducing maintenance, improving business responsiveness, and connecting to new solutions and technologies from the mainframe to the mobile enterprise.

  • New in WebSphere MQ v7.5 – WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition and WebSphere Advanced Message Security both previously announced separate products, are now available as integrated capabilities for optional installation within the WebSphere MQ server.
  • Supports the most widely used messaging standards to leverage existing skills and assets for the fastest implementations.
  • Enables devices (e.g. Smartphones, Remote Sensors, Smart Meters, RFID tags) to be rapidly and easily connected with existing applications and services.
  • Reduces business risks and costs by enhancing integrity and reducing errors.
  • Sign messages digitally for non-repudiation of origin and integrity. Ensures that messages cannot be tampered with.
  • Gain a single view of the flow of information around the business with a single offering, a single transport, and a single dashboard for all data movement, both messages, and files.
  • Improves protection of customer data through insuring compliance to security policies by end-to-end encryption, secure configurations, and audit reporting.