XML Accelerator XA35

The XML Accelerator XA35 is a highly efficient XML processing engine that makes use of purpose-built features such as optimized caches and dedicates SSL hardware to process XML at near wire-speed.

It is a hardened appliance but has limited security processing. For example, it does not have the full XML threat protection or encryption/digital signature capabilities as other models. For these reasons, it generally sits behind the DMZ, in the trusted zone to augment the processing of XML files. For example, the services on an appliance can perform validation and transformation of XML before it reaches (or for traffic flowing between) remote servers. The appliance can be used inline in the network topology, not as a coprocessor that hangs off a particular server. A popular use for the appliance is to receive XML responses from servers and transform them into HTML before forwarding the response to the client.

The appliance has full SSL and SNMP capabilities to fit into the network infrastructure.

Outstanding performance
The DataPower® purpose-built message processing engine can deliver wire-speed performance for both XML to XML and XML to HTML transformations to help increase throughput and decrease latency.
The self-learning appliance provides drop-in acceleration with virtually no changes to the network or application software. No propriety schemas, coding, or APIs are required to install or manage the appliance and it supports popular XML Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) to help reduce the number of hours spent in the development and debugging of XML applications.
Reduction in infrastructure costs
Unlike simple content switches that only redirect business documents, the appliance fully parses, processes, and transforms XML with wire-speed performance and scalability to help reduce the need for stacks of servers. The appliance also supports accelerated SSL processing to help further lessen the load on server software.
Reduction in development costs
The appliance can enable multiple applications to leverage a single, uniformed XML processing layer for all XML processing needs. By standardizing on high-performance hardware appliances, enterprises can deploy sophisticated applications while helping to eliminate unnecessary hours of application debugging and tuning for marginal performance gains.
Intelligent XML processing
In addition to wire-speed processing, the appliance supports XML routing, XML pipeline processing, XML compression, XML/XSL caching, as well as other intelligent processing capabilities to help manage XML traffic.
Advanced management
The appliance provides real-time visibility into critical XML statistics, such as throughput, transaction counts, errors, and other processing statistics. Data network-level analysis is provided and includes server health information and traffic statistics, as well as management and configuration data.