SOA Secure implements the following Services for our Clients:

  • WS-Security
  • SSL and PKI
  • WebSphere Application Server
  • Application Routing
  • WebSphere MQ Messaging
  • Dynamic Message Transformation
  • Message Security
  • Network Architecture
  • WebSphere ESB
  • WebSphere Message Broker
  • SAML
  • SSO variations
  • JSON
  • Binary Transformations
  • Mainframe Conversions to XML

Some Examples of WebSphere DataPower® Use Cases:

  • Using WebSphere DataPower ® to implement security and web services, while acting as an ESB. Schema validations, WS-*, LTPA, SAML, PKI, message transformations and dynamic application and network routing, all can be achieved with DataPower.
  • JSON and other web 2.0 features like REST are now possible.
  • Whether the intention is to secure a web browser application or a web service, DataPower can do it. Converting protocols like MQ, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NFS and JSON are all possible.
  • All the data traversing through DataPower moves at wirespeed, providing maximum speed for XML processing, whether is SSL based or not. Encryption, Digital Signatures and Signature Verifications are possible.
  • FIPS level security is also one of the devices’ specialties. Mediation and Security can be achieved at any level of the architecture, whether in the DMZ, on the backend, on the frontend, or in all of those locations.
  • SOAP and XML processing can be processed quickly, while header and message injections can be achieved on any message that travels through the device.
  • External users from an LDAP can mapped to the device, as well as using LDAP or Active Directory to authenticate and authorize services and users of those services.

Competitive Advantage

The competitive advantage of SOA-Secure implementing WebSphere DataPower at your company remains that we have been focused solely on DataPower for 5 years now, implementing the devices around the country. In most cases, the DataPower XI50 and XS40 have offered ESB and Security solutions from top to bottom in some of the largest organizations within the financial, insurance and Federal space.

Business Problem

Often security standards and application standards become tightly coupled and hard to connect within an organization as well as outside of it with external vendors and consumers. DataPower solves this problem by acting as the Enterprise Service Bus (or Enterprise Service Router), in which all messaging and security can be handled in one place, instead of in multiple locations in and outside of the architecture.

Business Opportunity

The business opportunities consist of less cost, faster move to production, ease of migration from external and internal processes, ease of mergers when taking in new software applications, less development cost and timeframe, transformation of all applications in one place, security standards at a Federal Govt. level if needed for proper auditing when the time comes.

Return on Investment

DataPower ® provides tremendous value from an IT and business perspective, cutting developer manpower costs as well as software costs in the process. At the same time, since everything is done at wirespeed, the value of faster response times for these applications and the security they are intermingled with is huge, lasting year after year. The longer DataPower ® resides within an organization the more value it provides.

IBM WebSphere MQ®

SOA Secure delivers fully integrated solutions to consolidate enterprise business processes for our clients using SOA and Websphere MQ. SOA secure leverages the expertise of our certified Websphere MQ administrators, architects, and developers to provide Websphere MQ installation and configuration, system architecture, application design and programming, MQ environment testing and troubleshooting, and deployment strategies including Distributed Queue Management and Clustering Techniques. Call SOA Secure today and see how our Websphere MQ Consulting Services can work as the ideal complement to any phase of the project!

SOA Secure expert consultants integrate new and existing business applications using Websphere MQ to provide an easy exchange of information across different platforms. MQ uses a several security options to ensure reliability and security, and has the capability to work with many protocol message types and environments to connect applications, data and web services. Moreover, MQ can dynamically distribute workloads as it simplifies development to provide both secure and accurate information flow throughout the system.

SOA Secure further untangles IT complexity of tightly-couped systems typical of point-to-point connectivity through MQ’s easy to use Eclipse tooling that enables remote MQ network configuration, while continuing to support secure Internet communication via industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

SOA Secure clients truly value how fast MQ’s ROI can be achieved through the leveraging of existing asset and skill sets to reduce cost and process disruptions caused by data loss. More, MQ message and transaction integrity ensures compliance to eliminate costly security breach exposure. Clients of SOA Secure across the board appreciate the reduced maintenance efforts through universal service delivery and the single unifying transport offered my Websphere MQ.

IBM WebSphere ESB & Message Broker

SOA Secure’s certified WebSphere Message Broker developers enable secure and seamless communications for any number of Intranet users interacting across the Internet by implementing Message Broker’s powerful, advanced ESB capabilities. SOA Secure’s precision with Message Broker tranport options vastly extend enterprise integration providing connectivity and universal data transformation for all applications, be it remotely or via mobile devices.

Real-time information from these disparate sources is transformed to intermediate through a centralized broker ensuring security using different message structures and formats. Message Broker is is thus a natural extension to Websphere MQ, yet equally processes messages from HTTP calls, JMS providers, or simply reading data from files or other various sources.

SOA Secure’s careful implementation of Message Broker is crucial to improving flexibility of systems otherwise marred in the tight confines of point-to-point integration. Our clients value SOA Secure’s ability to minimize hardware costs, and our competence to ensure Message Broker compliance through message and transaction integrity to prevent the expensive exposures of security breaches. SOA Secure further offers peace of mind by minimizing the frustrations of endless troubleshooting typical when resolving time-sensitive failed flows, or the all too disruptive ripple effects of network outages that wreak havoc on critical business operations.

SOA Secure confidently implements the best Business Process Management solutions by deploying certified experts up to the task of solving our issues our clients face in a thorough, cost-effective manner. Call us today to discuss a potential opportunity to improve your business.